As a result of a Board motion at the 2020 Annual Meeting, the LGPOA membership voted to raise the assessment by $20 per year in order to maintain sufficient funding for the Association's obligations.  The new Dues/Assessment total is now $155.  You may either pay your dues by check or by PayPal (below).

In order for us to stay within budget, we need to receive all of our membership dues and assessments.  

Our Building and Use Restrictions provide that annual dues not paid by June 15th each year become a lien on the property recorded with the Register of Deeds, and may be enforced as any real estate mortgage by foreclosure.  

Please be sure that your dues are paid timely in order to avoid a lien filed against your property.  If a lien has been filed, you will owe our costs and legal fees in addition to your dues.
Dues/special assessments must be paid in full before applying for a building permit 
through the LGPOA Board of Directors.
Association Dues

            Lake Geneva Property Owners Association