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This page was last updated: November 21, 2018
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Lake Geneva Property Owners Association has only one website:  Any other website claiming to be the LGPOA Website in inaccurate. Our website is not endorsed or sponsored by any outside entity.  LGPOA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or content on other websites not authorized by LGPOA Board of Directors.   For current, accurate information concerning Lake Geneva, please use the website address 

Lake Geneva Property Owners Association
Additional copies of the LGPOA handbook are available by contacting Barb Hamm at or call 669-5656.
Issues to be added to the monthly board meeting agenda should be directed to Chadd Smith at (see Board of Directors Committee Members link for a complete listing of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses)
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Lake Geneva and its beaches/parks are private property.  Only members of the Association (and their guests if accompanied by the member) are permitted to use the Lake and the parks.  A violation of this rule is considered trespassing and can be enforced by local law enforcement.
Annual Dues (+ assessment) are $135.00  To pay your Association Dues with PayPal, please enter your amount and then click "Buy Now"   
Recycle Coach Granger Services has partnered with Recycle Coach to offer Association Members an online app that allows members to see trash and recycling schedules, provides rules about special or hazardous item pick-up, and allows members to schedule large item pick-ups. The Recycle Coach app by Municipal Media Inc. is available on Google Play and in the App Store.
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For boat launch keys please contact either Matt Miner at (517) 285-9358  or Chadd Smith at (517) 290-1881
The meeting of the LGPOA Board of Directors scheduled for November 21 has been cancelled.  Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!!